utana .activities

  • 1. Writers- Authors Investment Club (WAIC) Meeting : The Committee approved the opening of the Club Account

    Date: Friday, 13th March 2019     Time: 2.00- 6.00PM

    Venue:  Hotel Africana ,  Kampala

    2. UTANA planning Retreat :Executive board approved the By- laws and considered the proposed WAIC strategic Plan 

    Date: 23rd - 24th May 2019    

    Ministers Village Hotel , Kampala

    3. Publisher-author standard contract guidelines, Initial Meeting 

    Date: Thursday, 18th May 2018     Time: 3.00- 6.00PM

    Venue:  UTANA Offices,  Teachers House

    4. Publisher-author standard contract guidelines, Review Meeting 

    Date: Tuesday, 30th May 2018     Time: 10.00AM- 2.00PM

    Venue: Bible House, Bombo Road

    5. Writers - Author Enhancement Scheme Initial Meeting

    Date: 11th August 2018     Time: 12.30 - 5.00PM

    Venue: DFCU Head Quarters, Kyadondo Road
    6. Meeting for Guidelines on Publisher - Author Standard Contract (PASCA)
    Date: Wednesday, 18th October 2018     Time: 8.30 AM- 5.00 PM

    Venue: Teachers House, Bombo Road

    7. A day Meeting capacity building training on Academic Authorship Enhancement Training (AASET) Workshop.
    Date: 12th July 2018     

    Venue: Kabale University, Western Uganda

    8. Young Writes Workshop at Makerere College School. A presentation to Senior Five Class on Reading and Writing for effective study.

    Date: 24th July 2018     

    Venue: Makerere College School

    6. Publication / Book Planning Retreat , Kiwatule Country Club, by invitation

    Date: 11th August 2018     Time: 12.30 - 5.00PM

    Venue: DFCU Head Quarters, Kyadondo Road
    9. Guidelines on Publishers -Author Standard Contract (PASCA), draft meeting 
    Date: 12 - 14th October 2018     Time: 9.00 AM- 8.00 PM Daily

    Venue: Kiwatule Country Club

    10. Publication Meeting  at Grace Crystal Gardens
    Date: 9th Nov 2018     Time: 8.00 AM- 6.00 PM 

    Venue: Amazing Grace Crystal Gardens, Bombo Road
    11. Meeting with MoES and World Bank on REACH for reading Program
    Date: 13th Nov 2018     Time: 8.00 AM- 6.00 PM 

    12. Retreat for Proposal Writing on Effective Management and Reading for school books project between National Trust of Uganda together with Uganda Textbook Academic and Non - Fiction Authors Association
    Date: 14 - 16th Nov 2018     
    13. Familiarisation and Advocacy Visits on Copyright Registration and Legal Deposit in Selected Institutions
    Date: 17 - 24th Nov 2018    

    14. Writer-Author Enhancement Investment Scheme, Business Strategy / Plan

    Date: 24th Jan 2019 

    Venue: Amazing Grace Crystal Gardens, Bombo Road