UTANA Programmes

  • Academic Writing Mentorship Program

  • The mentorship programme is organised by the Uganda Textbook -Academic and Non-Fiction Authors' Association (UTANA) with the support from NFF. The programme is meant to support the willing and junior writers to work together with experienced authors and/or writers and existing publishing avenues to develop authorship skills and products.
  • Goal: Enhancing publishing culture in academic institutions and Universities in Uganda

    The objectives of the proposed program are to:
    • Improve the level of academic writing in educational institutions
    • Develop writing/publishing skills among the mentees
    • Develop the editorial and technical writing skills among the participants
    • Support participants in writing for publication

  • Please your welcome to join as
  • 1.Mentor - Click here to fill the form
  • 2.Mentee - Click here to fill the form